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Do you want to start a business but you don't know what yet ? Then NewLab's is for you ! We offer you a severals services whether in sneakers, pokemons cards or even in multimedia a whole series of services that will help you get started on your own !
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InStore & Online Informations
At Newlab's we offer you a series of information whether instore or online in various fields : Sneakers, Pokémon, Multimedia, there is something for everyone. Competent informants to guide you in your launch by informing you of the latest opportunities to generate money !
The best monitors on the current market to inform you in real time of the latest releases or the latest restocks on more than 200 sites !
Many guides made by our teams to maximize your chances of cop and make you the best !
Many collaborations with differents Bots / Scripts / Proxies for our dear members to maximize the chances of cop on their side.
Information Instore Exclusive
Are you from Brussels? Or Antwerp? Or Liège? Don’t worry! Thanks to our multitude of informants throughout Belgium, be aware of each instore release in real time !
Communauté FR & EN
No matter where you come from, from Brussels, Flanders, Wallonia or from another country, you will find your place there with our French-speaking and English-speaking community !
Support 7j/7
A problem? A question? Don’t panic! Our staff team will be happy to help you no matter the day no matter the time !
What is NewLab's ?
Newlab’s is a Belgian cook group / Belgian informations group in which you will find informations to cop a maximum of sneakers, consoles, pokemon cards etc...
How to have access to NewLab's ?
To have access to NewLab’s you will have to go back during a restock of the server or get an access key by purchasing it from a staff or a member who resells his resellable key.
How much does it cost ?
For the launch of Newlab's, the initial key is set at €35 for the first month, then it will be €25 per month.
I’m a beginner, can I join ?
Of course! Whether you’re new to sneakers or a real plug, NewLab’s is for everyone !
Contact US
[email protected]